Apple donated $100M in 2019 to charitable causes


Apple reports that it has given about $100 million in both corporate and employee donations in 2019 after news broke out that an employee started a barbershop for youths at risk.

Apple Donated $100M in 2019 to Charitable Causes

The Cupertino-based company states that 21,000 of its employees have donated $42 million and their time to various charitable causes. In line with the one-for-one donation match and the $25 per volunteer hour match programs Apple has offered, the outstanding total came out to more than $100M.

Lisa Jackson, Apple VP of Policy, Social Initiatives and Environment mentions that Apple’s mission is to make the world a better place and give back to communities. She thanked Jaz Limos, a manager at the Apple Park who set up a nonprofit barber shop called Saints of Steel for youths at risk and those who are looking for housing and employment. Most of the funds were given by Apple and from corporate giving program Benevity.

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