Apple making a donation to restore Amazon rainforest amidst record fires

Tim Cook, Apple CEO has announced that the company will be making a donation to control the effects of a continual fire that’s currently spreading through the Amazon rainforest.

Amazon Rainforest Fire

Over the last several weeks, the Amazon rainforest has burned at a record rate across South America. Dry environment is usually the cause, but the numbers are up- compared to last year, fires occurring in Brazil are up 85%.

Scientists are worried that the fire could have massive implications, notably the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and a reduced buffer against the onset of climate change.

The Brazil National Institute for Space Research reports that the fires consume what’s equivalent to a soccer field per minutes. Using satellite data, the deforestation done in June increased to about 90% as compared to the same month the previous year.

Apple’s donation is to preserve the Amazon’s biodiversity and restore damage that was done to the rainforest.

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