Now kids can find at least 30 new activities online to support parents and their children with at-home learning.  

Apple Education

In a tweet Tim Cook, Apple CEO says:

“We know parents out there are juggling a lot in this challenging time. Apple’s education team has some fun ways to keep kids everywhere creating.”

Apple’s Education makes these activates available in PDF format. Parents can download and print these activities for their kids. These activities belong to different categories. These activities include customizing a portrait, interview recording, time-lapse video activities, slow-mo videos, photo walk activities and many more.

Apple says that thee activates are for the kids of pre-kindergarten till second grade. The users can, however, customize each activity to suit other members of the family too.

For example, the photo walk activity allows the kids to pick one color and then pick different items in the house with that same color. The kids can then create a collage video or an image putting them together and finish a full rainbow of various items with rainbow colors. The kids can also record their audio when taking photos. Apple also released a series of videos to help children who are at home and cannot go to school.


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