Apple employee in Ireland tests positive for Coronavirus

Published reported that Apple employee has tested positive for COVID-19 coronavirus on the campus at Cork, Ireland. Apple also confirmed that the individual is now in self-isolation. 

Apple Employee

Seeing this, Apple has asked the employees working in Cork Campus to stay at home while they assess the situation. Apple told Independent,

“As a precaution, we have asked some of our team members to stay at home while we work with the Health and Safety Executive to assess the situation. We are continuing to regularly deep clean all our offices and stores and will take all necessary precautions following guidance from health authorities.”

Apple also told the news that they are coordinating with the local health authorities to make sure that the individual remains in self-isolation. 

This Apple campus at Cork has more than 6000 people. The workforce has people from all over Europe. There are now 24 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Ireland.

Apple last week also encouraged its employees to work from home. Also, Apple is giving away unlimited sick leave for its employees who show the symptoms of coronavirus. Apple is trying hard to ensure the safety of its employees and also the customers who visit Apple stores.

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