Apple employee tests positive for Coronavirus in Santa Monica

An Apple employee tested positive for coronavirus from Third St. Promenade store in Santa Monica and is now on leave.

TechCrunch also received a full statement from Apple regarding the employee. Apple says in the report, “Apple’s priority — now and always — is the health and safety of our employees, customers and the communities we serve.”

Apple employee

According to a statement by Apple given to TechCrunch, “An Apple Store employee who was on leave from the Third St. Promenade store in Santa Monica, Calif. tested positive for COVID-19 late yesterday. The employee had been on leave to care for a relative since March 2.”

The statement by Apple also reads, “We recognize this is a challenging and ever-changing time for our global community, and our thoughts are with those around the world personally affected by COVID-19 and the heroic medical professionals and researchers fighting it.” 

Apple has been trying hard to prevent the outbreak through its retail stores. As of today, most of the Apple stores are open in the USA. Apple is limiting the number of people inside the stores. But, if the situation gets worse, Apple might have to close the stores in the USA also.