Apple is offering its employees free genetic testing as part of its AC Wellness clinic program, as per CNBC. Various off-site clinics are spread near the vicinity of Apple Campus. With a Color Genomics partnership, those who are interested can get screened genetically for possible diseases.

Apple Employees Get Free Genetic Testing

Genetic testing can help Cupertino-based employees get a better understanding of their health and see if they’re pre-disposed to certain conditions or diseases later in life. By knowing what kinds of diseases you’re susceptible to you can take preventive measures.

Color Genomics tests for gene mutation that can reveal possible cardiovascular diseases or cancer. The screening is not offered on a public level, meaning not just anyone can get screened for possible gene mutations. However, AC Wellness clinicians may order the test and schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss the test results.

The partnership with AC Wellness started in 2018 as a separate company that provides care to Apple employees.


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