Apple employees will start returning to Apple Park from June 15

Apple has a multi-phase plan to return its employees to Apple Park. According to a memo that Apple sent out to its employees, the company will get its employees back to work in the Silicon Valley campuses and the first phase of this process will start from June 15.

Bloomberg reports that the first phase will be very limited. The report says that it means Apple will only allow the employees on the campus for a few days in the week depending on the nature of their job. Many Apple employees who were related to hardware returned to the campus in May.

Now Apple is starting its multi-phase plan in which the company will return employees to work in multiple phases. It is expected that the second phase will begin in July. Also, Apple has said that the plans to return employees to work can change according to the situation, and rules and regulations set by the local governments.

Many other tech giants such as Facebook and Google have not yet allowed their employees to return to work. Both Facebook and Google have plans for their employees to work from home until the end of this year. Apple is however returning its employees to work earlier than other tech giants.

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