Apple execs discuss Apple silicon and new iPad Air on podcast

Apple executives, namely Tom Boger and Tim Millet talk about the new iPad Air, the Mac and the A14 chip, among others on a podcast by Relay FM.

Boger, iPad and Mac marketing senior director and Millet, platform architecture VP mentioned how they wanted the new iPad Air to have a new design and get the Liquid Retina edge to edge while having the Touch ID at the top.


Furthermore, the Apple execs said the 5nm process for the A14 chip was a ‘big win’ as they now had more transistors in a set space, which equals more features and energy efficiency.

With lower energy usage and enhanced GPU, the A14’s four cores can be run at a lower voltage yet deliver the same power and performance. The transistors could be modified to peak performance when it’s needed, such as in games.

More information is available when you download the podcast. It’s available on Apple Podcasts and the Relay FM website.