Apple expands mobility trends reports data on Apple Maps adding 580 new regions


Apple has now more data available on its Apple Maps Mobility Trends Reports. Apple made this data available last month. The purpose of this data was to help the medial authorities stop the spread of coronavirus. 

Apple Maps

When the tool was launched it had data from major cities of almost 63 countries around the world. Recently Apple has expanded the data and added 580 sub-regions. Also, according to Horace Dediu, it covers all the states of the USA.  

Asymco’s Horace Dediu mentioned on Twitter, saying:

“Apple has added about 580 sub-regions to its Mobility Index. Includes all US states.”

According to Apple the goal of providing such vast mobility data trends is to help the health authorities to look for ways to slow down the spread of coronavirus. Anyone can use this tool to search the mobility trends of a specific region, city, or country. 

Anyone can download the complete data set of the mobility trends in CSV form from the website. Apple says that the data is compiled based on the requests the users make to get directions on Apple Maps. Apple keeps updating the data daily based on Apple Maps usage.

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