Apple expands on the self-driving car project

Apple has recruited an additional 33 drivers for its autonomous car project. According to a report filed with the Department of Motor Vehicles of California, Apple now has 143 pilots for their autonomous system evaluations on Lexus SUVs equipped with self-driving technology.

Currently, the Cupertino-based firm has 69 cars driving around the streets of California. In April, the fleet was reduced with rumors saying that car that required repairs or had accidents were discarded.

Apple holds the record for the 3rd largest fleet of self-driving test vehicles in California, just behind Waymo and GM with 135 and 258 cars, respectively. Its interest in the self-driving industry is still a mystery, with reports saying that Apple intends for the technology to be used within the company. Others speculate that the tech giant is planning to compete in the self-driving market in the future.

Steve MacManus, car industry exec and VP of Engineering at Tesla was recently recruited for a role within Project Titan.

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