Apple expects to reopen several more retail stores in May

Vice President of Retail and People, Deidre O’Brien told Apple employees today that Apple will start to reopen many stores in May. 

According to a report by Bloomberg, Deirdre O’Brien told this in a video update saying, we are analyzing the health situation in all the locations and we expect op reopen many stores in May. Back in March, O’Brien told that they will open stores in April across the globe. Apple did open the store in South Korea. Currently, there are no more stores open anywhere. Also, in another report by Macrumors, Apple plans to reopen the retail stores in North America by June. 


Apple will analyze the local conditions. It will also look into local recommendations by health authorities before reopening the stores. Several states in the USA are relaxing the social distancing rules and are considering businesses to reopen. Apple will have to follow the state rules and guidelines, before reopening the stores in each state. 

All the Apple retail stores have been closed since March 14. Apple employees have been working from home. A few are also returning to work for training. Many other employees have been handling technical support on the phone and online.