Apple files ‘Apple for Life’ trademark

Recently, it was reported that Apple has filed the trademark statement, ‘Apple for Life’.

The Cupertino-based company was seen filing the trademark in April 2020 in Hong Kong. Though the words didn’t appear in the US market it did make the rounds in other countries on foreign telecom companies and Apple stores.

Apple for Life

The trademark filing, numbered 305380876 was classified under International Classes 36 and 35 with the following details:

Class 36, ‘financial, financing and banking services, loan financing, retail credit extension, credit and debit card services; payment, financial transaction and electronic payment processing; biometric-based authentication and identification; accepting, managing, authenticating and processing of electronic payment and transactions; warranty and insurance; prepaid and gift card services, rebates through a membership card, consultancy and financial advise services, and more.

Class 35, ‘retail store services via communication networks using consumer electronics and handheld mobile devices, peripherals, accessories, computer software and device carrying cases; product demos, consultation and information, retrieval services and data storage for video, audio, image, data and text.