Apple gives details of safety measures to follow when it reopens retail stores

A letter published by Deidre O’Brien, who is the Apple Senior Vice President of Retail & People, gives details regarding the safety approach Apple will follow when it reopens its retail stores. In his letter, he also mentioned that Apple has already reopened more than 100 stores across the globe. Apple has plans to reopen 25 more stores during the next week.  

In this letter, he says that when a store will reopen it will require everyone (employees and customers) to wear face masks. Apple also has plans to provide face masks to those customers who do not have a face mask. 


Also, at each entrance of the store, there will be temperature checks. At each entrance, the customers will also have to answer a series of questions that will allow the authorities to screen them if anyone has been infected with the coronavirus. O’Brien also said that each product and each shelf at the store will be cleaned regularly. 

He also said that the stores will have more space as it will allow only a limited number of customers inside. He said it will help Apple to improve and focus more on the on-to-one personalized service it provides at the Apple Genius Bar. 

In his letter, O’Brien also mentioned that the customers will see a curbside drop-off and pick-up options. The customers can also place their orders online for home delivery.