Apple Glass Cube Touts New Rainbow Look in Time for Reopening


Apple’s Fifth Avenue store has had a long time reopening since it was closed in 2017, but now there are new and colorful signs of life.

Apple Glass Cube Touts New Rainbow Look in Time for Reopening

The well-known New York glass cube is now up and reconstructed, with Apple deciding to wrap up the cube with rainbow film. The cover takes away a casual viewer’s line of sight to what’s happening below ground, but it’s long been announced that the Cupertino-based company will be doubling its store size, which is found below ground and accessible only via elevator.

There’s no specific date on when the Fifth Avenue store will open, but the presence of the glass cube and rainbow film are indicators that it will be soon. The rainbow look is reported to last only temporarily, with an Apple spokesman stating that the film will be removed before it reopens.

Details about the reopening may be revealed during the September 10 Apple event.

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