Apple Glass may have Pupil Dilation-Sensing technology

Apple has recently filed a patent for its Apple Glass product, with special focus on how the device could check the pupils and sense if the user is paying attention or not.

The smart wearable could have a system that registers the wearer’s pupils and make adjustments to enhance viewing experience.

Apple Glass

One of the issues Apple is looking into is making it comfortable for wearing on long periods. The lightweight frame is just one part, as the company is proposing several applications to change the brightness or changing displayed content by ‘reading’ the user’s interest levels.

The patent makes mention of ‘utilization of luminance changes to determine user characteristics’. Also, the patent reveals how the ‘Apple Glass’ or future headsets will know the media type being shown, and how a tracker will be utilized to review physiological responses as the user views it.

Patents allow consumers a glimpse of what direction a company is making when creating new products, but they may or may not appear in the end.