Apple Has Begun Trial Production of AR Semitransparent Lenses


Tech giant Apple has pushed forward with semitransparent AR lenses with manufacturer Foxconn.


Apple has started production of semi-transparent lenses for its Apple Glass device in an agreement with long-time supplier Foxconn. If successful, the lenses will be used to display augmented reality, or computer-generated images alongside real world elements.

The Information says that mass production of these lenses are still a few years away, although the prototype stage was completed earlier after 3 years of development with Foxconn.

The semi-transparent lenses are reportedly made from layers of materials and will be made in polarized and semi-transparent models. In late June, Apple published a patent illustrating a modular design where users can switch parts according to their desired functionality.

Furthermore, they will be made in ‘clean rooms’ and are expected to be larger than regular spectacles. It’s believed that Taiwanese manufacturer giant Foxconn has dedicated one of its production lines to the making of the lenses. The Chengdu-based plant is believed to be the same one that produced most of Apple’s iPads.

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