Apple helps America’s Food Fund

Apple, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ford Foundation and Laurene Powell Jobs have come together to launch America’s Food Fund. The purpose of this initiative is to provide food for those who are needy. 

GoFundMe which is a fundraising platform is hosting this initiative. According to GoFundMe, hunger is a big issue which many families and individuals face all across the USA. Before the coronavirus outbreak, there were more than 37 million people in the USA who were struggling to get the next meal. The number has only increased in the past few weeks. 

America’s, Food Fund

To start the fund, Ford Foundation, Apple, Powel, and DiCaprio have donated $12 million. This fundraiser will benefit World Central Kitchen and Feeding America, both these are hunger relief non-profit organizations in the USA. 

According to a statement by Deadline, Apple CEO Tim Cook said, no person will be well if he does not have food to eat. It is a crisis and to overcome this crisis, he said, we can make sure that every person has the essentials to care for their families. 

Cook, also added saying, “World Central Kitchen and Feeding America do heroic work.” He also suggested that everyone should take part in it and donate as much as they can.