Apple has posted a feature story that shows an Australian school utilizing the iPad to drive change, foster equity and inclusion and engage its students.


The St. Therese Catholic Primary School had an iPad-based initiative where technology such as the iPad have made transitions smoother in terms of remote learning during the pandemic.

Michelle McKinnon, principal of the school mentioned how they had a solid foundation that allowed their students to continue learning without getting interrupted when the shift turned from classroom to remote learning.

Part of the school’s initiative involved a program where students could nurture their talents thru apps like iMovie, Keynote and more. The Seesaw app allowed them to create sharable portfolios with teachers.

The school had worked four years with the iPad-based program. In 2016 the leadership handed out iPads to school staff and students, and had Apple TVs installed in classrooms.

St Therese Primary School was given the ‘Apple Distinguished School’ recognition, with individual learning outcomes, engagement and attendance rising favorably since then.


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