Apple to hire National Geographic producer for Apple Podcast originals

Rumors say that Apple has hired National Geographic podcast producer Emily Ochsenschlager to begin production of original podcast content.

Ochsenschlager has worked 15 years over at NPR, or National Public Radio and a year at National Geographic as a producer for its podcasting department. Some of her accomplishments include producing the first NatGeo podcast and being an editor at NPR.

Apple to Hire NatGeo Producer for Apple Podcast Originals

According to Insider Podcasting, the hiring is just one of the many to come as Apple is looking to expand into the podcasting niche with additional funding.

Earlier, Bloomberg reported that Apple was looking into hiring creators and media companies about purchasing exclusive podcast rights. How the Cupertino-based company intends to monetize the Apple Podcasts platform is still unknown.

Apple has largely adopted a ‘hands-off’ approach in its podcasting section, allowing other creators to host and distribute their own content within the platform. Now, it seems all that will change in the coming months.