Apple holiday ad ‘The Surprise’ released


Apple continues the tradition of sharing holiday-themed ads, with this year being a video entitled ‘The Surprise’.

Apple Holiday Ad 'The Surprise' Released

The ad opens up with a family in a car going on a trip to their grandparent’s house. The two children are complaining and then start fighting until the parents break out the iPads. They arrive and see the grandfather mourning the recent passing of his wife.

The kids spend time and eventually find the old family photos, which they digitize and turn into a slideshow of memories. They then present it to their grandfather as a holiday gift.

The ad highlights the iPad’s photo slideshow-making capabilities. The background music is Michael Giacchino’s ‘Married Life’, a song that appeared in the Pixar movie ‘Up’.

Holiday – The Surprise Video

The tagline shows a link to get the Apple iPads. Apple Holiday ads are popular and they tend to win awards. The video in 2017 was a spot where a woman danced through a snow-laden city; in 2018, it featured a song created by Billie Eilish, a 16-year old songwriter.

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