Apple implements COVID-19 prevention measures for employees returning to Apple Park


According to the report by Bloomberg, Apple employees are now heading back to Apple Park and they will now have to face some new realities. The employees will have to go for optional COVID-19 testing, wearing of masks regularly, temperature checks, social distancing, closed kitchens, and a few other new rules and regulations for safety. 


A few employees began to return to work in Apple Park last month. Some employees are working on campus only for a few days every week. Apple only allows a few people in the offices and other closed spaces such as elevators. 

The employees who are now returning to the campus are being offered to take the COVID-19 test. It is the nasal-swab test that is optional for employees. However, temperature checks are mandatory.

According to Bloomberg, even though Apple has large open spaces for employees to work, still Apple will need to make some changes to bring in the remaining employees to campus. Many Apple employees are still working from home.

According to Deirdre O’Brien who is the head of retail and people at Apple, more people will come back to the offices in July. Apple has also begun to open retail stores around the world and has opened more than 100 stores across the USA. 

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