Apple increases prices in India because of customs duties

Apple Inc. has increased the prices of iPhones in India. The new prices of Apple products will have a minor increase. For example, the new iPhone 11 Pro Max will have a starting price of Rupees 111200 for its 64 GB model. The same for the 256 GB model will cost rupees 125200. Before the price hike, this model of the iPhone had a price of 109000 in India.

All over India, the prices of the iPhone 8 have also increased. Earlier iPhone 8, which was 49900 rupees, is now sold at rupees 50600. According to the new price budget, the 64 GB and 128 GB models of the iPhone 8 in India will sell for 40500 and 45,500 rupees, respectively.

Apple Increases Prices in India Because of Customs Duties

The major reason for the increase in the prices of iPhone 8 and iPhone 11 Pro is because Apple does not assemble these products in India. India imports these devices from China. Importing devices from other countries means more surcharge.

The reason behind the increase is the increase in the basic customs duty rate. According to Apple Inc., earlier there were exempted from the BCD/Social Welfare Surcharge. Now, there is no exemption from this surcharge due to which the overall prices are increased all across India. 

Prices of iPhone 7, iPhone 11, iPhone XR, Apple Watch, Mac laptops, and iPad, have not been increased. Apple assembles these devices in India, which is there is no change in the prices for these Apple devices.