Apple iOS 14 might have home screen widgets


Apple is expected to release the new iOS 14 at the upcoming WWDC in June. There are several rumors which suggest that the new iOS could get widgets for its home screen. 

iOS 14

Besides working on the widgets for the wallpapers there are also several other things that Apple might be working on. According to the DongleBookPro and other authentic sources, the new iOS 14 might also offer wallpaper customizations and dynamic wallpapers. According to these leaks, the iPhone screens are all set to have several personalization options. 

DongleBookPro shared a few screenshots which according to them are the new settings menu of the iOS 14. If the screenshots are true, it means Apple iPhone will show the default wallpaper in a separate category. The screenshots also show an iOS 13 Column which means that the users will have the same wallpapers from the iOS 13.  

The screenshots also show that the users will have a dynamic wallpaper option, a gradient, and a flat color option to choose from. As of now, it is not clear if the leaks are true or not, however, the possibility of them being true is very high.  

There is also a new “home screen appearance” option. The screenshots show that with this option the users can change the appearance of the wallpapers. The users can select the normal version of the wallpaper, a dark mode, a blurred setting, and a dim setting.

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