Apple is adding Kids Mode and Screen Time to tvOS claims an Israeli website

According to an Israeli website the Verifier, Apple has plans to add new features like Kids Mode and Screen Time options to a future version of tvOS.

The Kids Mode allows the children to watch Apple TV content only for children. It has parental controls that the parents can use to restrict the content their children watch on Apple TV. This feature allows the parents to block TV shows, movies, and apps and also set Screen Time limits.

Apple TV

According to the Verifier, Apple is bringing Screen Time features, it allows people to keep track of how much time they’re spending watching TV. This feature will work for several games and apps too. 

The Verifier also claims that Apple is working on a new ‌Apple TV‌ which will feature an A11 or A12 processor with 64 or 128GB storage options. The website also claims that Apple will hold an event in November to launch Apple TV with these features. 

The website has been wrong many times in making predictions about Apple. It was accurate about the Night Mode coming in 2019 for iPhone. Currently, there is no other source that confirms this news.