Apple is giving unlimited sick leave to its employees who experience Coronavirus symptoms

Apple last week asked its employees to work from home. In addition to that, Apple is now taking more precautious steps for the well-being of its retail workers. According to reports the Apple hourly employees and the retail workers will get sick leave if they experience the coronavirus symptoms. 

Apple does not require the employees to submit a doctor’s note for this time off. It means that if the employees who experience COVID-19 symptoms, can take leave without running out of sick leave. 

Apple Employees

Apple is trying hard to control the outbreak and spreading of the disease. Apple is implementing measures for controlling the crowd by reducing the density of the customers at stores by cancelling the Today at Apple sessions and also increasing the seating space between customers. 

According to Bloomberg Tim Cook over the weekend sent a memo to Apple employees in Italy, Japan, South Korea, Germany, California, France and the UK, telling them to work from home this week.  According to the memo, the retail stores will be open to service Apple customers.

The coronavirus is quickly spreading due to which Apple may close its retail stores in the USA or reduce the working hours. The current policies may also change based on future outbreak cases.