Apple is planning to return more employees to corporate offices

According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple will soon have its employees back in the corporate offices all across the world. Apple plans to return its employees whereas other tech companies are still implementing work-from-home until the end of 2020. 

According to Mark Gurman, Apple will bring back its employees to its offices in the next few months. In its first phase, Apple will bring back those employees who are facing challenges working from home or who are unable to work remotely. Apple will expand this phase by the end of May and June 2020.


The second phase for retuning the staff back will start in July. This phase will return more employees to their offices across the globe. These plans for Apple returning their employees can change based on the stay-at-home orders of each state, region, or country. 

The Apple managers are already telling their employees if they are in the first phase or the second. In the first phase, the employees will either regularly work from the office or for a certain period depending on their roles. According to Bloomberg’s report, the first employees that return to the offices will be those who are related to hardware development. 

Some Apple employees have been working in the office even during the pandemic to keep running the business-critical operations. These employees were those who tested hardware, deploy software, and manage data centers.