Earlier today Apple released a support document that warns the Macbook users to not cover the camera when they close their notebooks as it could damage the display.


Apple in its support document mentioned specifically:

“If you close your Mac notebook with a camera cover installed, you might damage your display”

Apple also says that when the users cover the camera it can also damage the features such as True Tone and the brightness. The reason is that when the users cover the camera it will interfere with the light sensor and will not allow the True Tone to work properly.

Apple issues warnings due to the complaints that people make after covering their cameras. several users complained about MacRumors and Reddit that their screens cracked after they closed the Macbook with the cover over the camera. This issue seems to be more severe with the new Macbook Pro models that come with thinner bezels.

Apple issues warning to Macbook users asking not to cover the camera when closing Macbook

One MacRumors member Dashwin said that the tiny bezels come with the cost of breaking the display even with the tiniest of forces when you place the cover over the webcam.

The damage caused because of applying camera cover is accidental and the users can repair the Macbook under the AppleCare+, but Apple will not offer repairs for the users who do not have AppleCare+. It is why Apple has issued a warning that the users should now apply a cover over the camera before closing their Macbook.


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