Apple item signed by Wozniak, Jobs goes up on Auction

An Apple II lid signed not just by one, but two Apple luminaries will be going up for auction in the latter part of November.

The lid, signed by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs belongs in the collection of Maps, Autographs, and Rare Books by auction house Doyle. The bid starts at $20k to $32k when it goes live.

Apple Item Signed

Thomas Earl Neudecker II was the original owner of the lid. According to the lore, Neudecker had it signed by Jobs and Wozniak during the Macintosh release event in January 24, 1984.

The lid is packaged with a Macintosh fabric banner which was used at the event. The design reveals a cyclist holding up a Mac computer. Neudecker was a Pittsburgh University professor who framed and hung the Apple II Plus lid in his home office and treated it like a prized possession.

The dual-signed item is considered rare due to Wozniak and Jobs having a fallout in 1985.