Apple Japan reveals anime-Themed ‘behind the Mac’ Video

Apple Japan has recently shared an animated ‘Behind the Mac’ video on its official YouTube channel. The 38-second ad features various anime characters using Mac computers whose actions are in rhythm with background music from Yoshiho Nakamura, a Japanese artist.

The ‘Behind the Mac’ featurette shows characters from various anime movies and series such as ‘Yama No Susume’, ‘Your Name’, ‘Gridman’, ‘The Wonderland’ and ‘Weathering With You’, among others. It’s worthy to note that some of the Macs on the video don’t follow the exact Apple logo (they’re more shaped like a heart or pear), which probably means they don’t have the license to draw the real Apple icon.

Apple Japan Reveals Anime-Themed 'Behind the Mac' Video

Apple has had many ‘Behind the Mac’ videos, including artists and creators who use the Mac to create music, code, make art and others. Its last iteration was the ‘Test the Impossible’, a 38-second video that shows off Apple’s product in various creative pursuits.