Apple Japan’s Kawasaki Store Opening December 14


The tenth Apple Store in Japan will be opening December 14 in Kawasaki. Apple Kawasaki is the 4th store to be opened in Japan this year and should be the final one in 2019.

This is the Apple Kawasaki Store logo in Japan.

The store is located inside Lazona Kawasaki Plaza, an open-air mall that has about 280 restaurants and shops. It has a grass plaza where concerts and events featuring Japanese artists take place. Apple’s store front connects the entrance, with its escalators and stairs to the plaza courtyard.

This is the Apple Kawasaki Store banner in Japan.

In 2018, there was a large wall to hide the store construction. Many people assumed an Apple Store will be built, with excitement building to a climax when the Apple Japan website began listing ‘for hire’ roles for the Kanagawa Prefecture.

Online, the website began offering new wallpapers for the iPad, iPhone, iMac and MacBook, along with a new animation to announce the opening, to be held December 14, 10am.


Haider Ali Khan

Haider Ali Khan is an entrepreneur from Perth, Western Australia. He is the Owner and Editor-in-Chief of iLounge.