Apple launches COVID-19 web page and app


Apple now has a new web page named “COVID-19“and an App with a screening tool. This screening tool will help people to know their condition and advise them accordingly. The tool also informs the individuals who take the screening test to have some good steps to protect them during the spread of the novel coronavirus.

COVID-19 Website

White House Coronavirus Task Force and CDC are partners of apple with this initiative. The screening tool on the web page allows us to answer their queries. Various questions need to ask, such as risk factors, symptoms, and exposure as well. CDC offers different recommendations within the next steps.

The suggested precautions are self-isolating and social distance. The question is how to observe these symptoms? Though it’s on the individual basis or group. So these all precautions need to follow to save themselves.

According to Apple, this screening tool is not a replacement for a healthcare provider. The web page and the App both offer access to coronavirus resources to ensure that the users stay informed. 

Anyone who is 18+ can use the screening tool. Also, Apple says that the data that the users provide, will not share it with CDC, or anyone without explicit permission.


Samantha Wiley

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