Apple has created a custom-made face mask for its retail and corporate employees.


‘Apple Face Mask’ is a specially designed face mask which makes use of three kinds of layered material to filter the air. The Cupertino-based company has also designed the ‘Apple ClearMask’, a clear surgical mask that’s approved by the FDA.

The clear mask enables people to lipread and is expected to be available in the next week or so to retail and corporate employees. The new face mask will replace the traditional cloth masks once distributed.

Apple launches customized Apple Face mask to retail and corporate employees

Other than that, Apple has begun designing a face shield that was manufactured by internal teams at Apple and used carefully sourced materials that are different from ones used to make personal protective equipment.

For now the masks and face shields are internal use only, but Apple may be offering the product to consumers in the future. Apple Stores require customers and employees to wear masks and distributes them for free upon entering.


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