Apple launches In-Person reservation system to minimize store lines


Apple is implementing an in-person reservation platform to minimize exposure to COVID-19.

Apple Launches

iPhone 12 buyers can choose to place their orders then pick up the unit at the nearest Apple Store. An Express station has also been implemented for additional barriers against virus exposure. Recently, a reservation system has been launched for the same reason.


To discourage long lines Apple Store visitors are given reservation slots that tell them what time they can get served. This allows visitors to wait without having to fall in line.

In some stores visitors are not allowed to walk in to get an iPhone 12. Advanced reservations are the only option to get the iPhone 12 come launch day.

The same measures may not have been implemented in other Apple Stores around the world, but in-person purchases might be available in retail locations. The Cupertino-based company intends to make pick-up available in stores for pre-orders, with customers being assigned different time slots.

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