Apple launches a new interview series on Apple Music

This weekend Apple launched a new podcast on Apple Music titled The Zane Lowe Interview Series. The podcast features Kanye West, Justin Bieber, and also Lady Gaga.

The series will include interviews from famous artists. These interviews will be about the artist’s lives and their success stories. The interviews will also be about the stories behind their songs and more. The podcast already has seven live episodes. The podcast was announced on Twitter by Zane Lowe who is also the host of the show. In his tweet he said:

Apple launches a new interview series on Apple Music

“Hey, I’m excited to share that I now have a new Podcast series where these conversations will live ongoing. You can hear my latest with @ladygaga alongside others right now on @ApplePodcasts”

The seven episodes that are already live seem to be the previous interviews with the artists from Beats 1. These interviews are now available in full form on Apple Music. In the past, Apple music interviews were confined to the Beats 1, but this move now suggests that Apple is looking to move forward with a new strategy. Also, it was reported earlier this week that Apple was looking to launch an original Podcast series to compete with its rival Spotify.