Apple launches Reality Converter App on Mac


Apple has released its Reality Converter App today, which developers can use to view, customize and convert 3D objects to USDZ on the Mac platform.

Reality Converter App on Mac

Reality Converter App on Mac

The Reality Converter app allows for 3D objects with file extensions .USD, .GITF and .OBJ to be dragged and dropped, where it does the conversion to USDZ. Developers can then begin to edit and customize the object to how they want it.

Some notable features include the file metadata editing, adding textures and previewing the 3D objects under a wide variety of environment and lighting conditions.

Currently, the Reality Converter app is under further construction and only available in beta. Those interested can download it for free by heading to the official Apple developer website. You will need an Apple ID to access the section. Apple has added a gallery that shows the 3D models in action, and USDZ tools for inspecting and validating the file format.

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