Apple makes health pass apps only accessible to developers partnered with health authorities

Apple has restricted health pass apps to developers who are working with public health authorities. Building admittance and health check apps are meant to keep user data safe as the coronavirus looms.

Health pass apps have recently grown in number due to the COVID-19 vaccines. With it, digital ‘passes’ or credentials to access in-person services and buildings are generated. The apps store vaccination records and testing details, which are considered sensitive data.

Apple Makes Health Pass Apps

Apple has limited health apps to those who are working with recognized health authorities to protect its ecosystem. These include healthcare providers, laboratories and test kit manufacturers.

Aside from health pass apps Apple is also receiving COVID-19 apps sent in by medical, governmental and similarly-credentialed institutions. Services and apps that provide digital credentials are getting much-needed attention as the pandemic continues. One example is Clear, an app that can be used to screen people in sports stadiums, airports and public venues in the United States.