Apple Maps now displays COVID-19 testing locations all across the USA

Apple Maps now displays the coronavirus testing locations all over the USA. Apple started to implement this feature in Apple Maps earlier this month. 

When users open the search interface in Apple Maps, the first option they see in the search list is the COVID-19 testing. When the users tap on the option it brings all the testing locations on the map in the local area. 

Apple Maps

When the users tap on one of the testing locations shown on the map, it gives the link to the website of that particular hospital or the testing site. It also gives specific information on COVID-19 testing. It gives the information about the site such as if they require an appointment to get tested. 

On April 11 Apple launched an online portal that allowed the testing labs, healthcare providers, businesses, and hospitals to register as coronavirus testing sites on the map. The Apple Maps team first reviews the testing site and then adds it to the Maps. According to Engadget, people from Puerto Rico and all over the USA, i.e., all 50 states can now search for the testing sites on Apple Maps.