Apple Maps now include Louisiana, Southern Mississippi and Texas


In 2018, Apple announced that they’ll be rebuilding Apple Maps with first-party data. Though the design and feel of the app are similar, using the zoom and pan feature reveals extra details such as trees, grass, street signs and more.

Apple Maps Louisiana, Southern Mississippi Texas

Apple plans to make search results within the app more relevant to improvements. The Cupertino-based firm started rolling out revamped features to Northern California, then Southern California and Hawaii. In 2019, Las Vegas New Mexico and Arizona became part of the new Apple Maps.

Today, Apple Maps now cover Southern Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas, with updates becoming available in adjacent areas. Users can now zoom in or pan to get detailed views of greenery, parking lots and sports fields on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

Apple has mentioned during WWDC 2019 that the whole of the United States will be covered by Apple Maps by the end of 2019 and that countries will follow in 2020.


Samantha Wiley

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