Apple Maps Vehicles to survey the Netherlands and Belgium to expand look around feature

According to the list of locations that Apple maintains on its website, Belgium and the Netherlands are added in the list for being surveyed by Apple Maps Vehicles. Apple Maps Vehicles will survey these two countries in June as Apple Maps looks to expand the Look Around feature.

Apple Maps will collect the data to use it for the Look Around feature which is currently limited to only US cities. Apple introduced the Look Around feature in iOS 13 which is a similar feature to Google Street View. Google Street View provides a street-level view of the maps users.

However, an advantage that Looks Around ahs over Google Street view is that it offers smoother panning when moving around. Thus it provides a better immersive experience for using the maps. Apple makes the faces and license plates blur in all 3D imagery provided by the Maps.

The Apple Maps Vehicles has also surveyed various parts of Canada, UK, USA, Italy, Ireland, France, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Japan, Croatia, and Andorra. Apple Maps began this data collection in 2015. The places where the data collection is not possible due to restricted access in the streets, Apple uses the employees wearing backpacks for data collection.

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