Apple may be bundling its services, tentatively called ‘Apple One’


Apple may be preparing to offer a new subscription-based package that sells all its services in one convenient bundle. Furthermore, sources say that it may be introduced alongside the launch of the iPhone 12.

Apple One

Rumors about ‘Apple One’ has been in the works for quite some time. However, it’s only now that we’re getting news about it becoming closer to reality.

Bloomberg sources say the subscription plan could be launched in October to go with the new iPhone 12 models. The goal of the ‘all in one’ bundle is to encourage users to get more Apple services.

The plan will have different tiers, such as Apple TV and Apple Music together, for example. Then, users could add iCloud storage and Apple News at an added fee. Overall, the cost of the tiered bundles will be lower than if they were to sign up for individual subscriptions. Family Sharing will also be included which means greater savings for groups and families.

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