Apple may include a Jailbreak fix on iOS 12.4.1


The iOS 12.4.1 patch has been officially released today, which may directly address jailbreak vulnerabilities that allowed users to modify their systems on iPhone models running the previous 12.4 version.

iOS 12.3.2

iOS 12 Jailbreak

The jailbreak discovery was exposed last week in a report that showed how Apple accidentally unpatched a vulnerability that was fixed on iOS 12.3. Google’s Project Zero team has been credited to the discovery.

Jailbreak releases are often rare and kept private to keep Apple from knowing about it and fixing it. Moreover, these concerns are huge among security researchers as it can pay out well within the security market.

iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone users can check for the update on their Settings app. Release notes are revealed as well to let the users know what’s changed and fixed. You can choose to tap the ‘Install Now’ and wait for the OTA program to update your iOS device.


Samantha Wiley

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