Tech giants Apple, Google and MS will work with APHL to set up a nationwide server for its Exposure Notification system.


The Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) agree to a collaborative effort in order to fight off the corona virus using a dedicated Exposure Notification data system. The project’s aim is to create a cohesive and comprehensive notification solution in the US.

Currently, contact tracing keys are stored on multiple unlinked servers. APHL offers a system that can compile the data and put them on a secure national server. Storing of affected user keys in one server eliminate duplication and is more seamless in state border notifications. Furthermore, this integration would allow territorial agencies to create exposure notifications apps sooner.

The system will have both Google and Apple’s API, which utilizes keys as temporary ID to be sent between devices. Swapping keys will lead to the Apple-Google system being able to track and notify individuals who has had close contact to those who test positive.


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