Apple might announce new PowerBeats Pro in different colors


According to a rumor reported by iMore, Apple will soon announce the new PowerBeats pro in a variety of colors. According to the report, the PowerBeats Pro will come in spring-themed colors glacier blue, cloud pink, lava red, and spring yellow. The rumor comes from a Weibo account.

PowerBeats Pro

This rumor is sourced from WaveTech. WaveTech does not have a great track when it comes to Apple-related rumors, but this rumor has been getting a lot of attention which means that this information could be accurate.


Apple introduced the PowerBeats Pro in 2019. These earbuds are currently only available in Black, navy, moss, and ivory color. These are not bright colors, so Apple announcing bright colors will be a better upgrade. Apple has a track record of updating the Beats headphones by adding new colors. So, it will be not a big surprise if Apple did the same for the ‌Powerbeats Pro‌.

Earlier this year there were rumors about Apple announcing ‌Powerbeats Pro‌ 2. It is likely to suggest that the new model will come with the colored upgrades. Whoever, the users can also expect small internal tweaks. 

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