Apple might be working on a Smart Keyboard with a Trackpad for the iPad

According to rumors, Apple is now working on a Smart Keyboard, which will include a trackpad. It is the first time Apple will add a trackpad to a smart keyboard on an iPad. The rumors say that Apple is doing this to position the iPad as a replacement for Mac. 

Several rumors also suggest that Apple is planning to launch new ‌iPad Pro‌ models in the first half of 2020, and it is in these models that Apple launches the new smart keyboard with the trackpad. The event may take place in the last week of March. 

Apple's Working on a Smart Keyboard With Trackpad for the iPad
Apple might be working on a Smart Keyboard with a Trackpad for the iPad

There has been no specific word on the design of the keyboard, but it may look something like the current ‌iPad Pro‌ ‌Smart Keyboard‌. It will have a similar design to the Microsoft Surface. It is also expected to be waterproof and also covered with the polyurethane material.


Another rumor also says that it will have backlit keys and also scissor switches. If this is the case, it means that the keyboard will be thick. These scissor switches were used in 2015 by Apple. Apple also introduced the butterfly switches, which were a disaster and were not durable at all.  

iPad Keyboard

The size of this new smart keyboard for iPad Pro is the same, i.e., 11 and 12.9-inches. One thing that is not sure is that, will the new keyboard with trackpad be compatible with the iPad Pros older models? No matter what the case, iPad Pro users will get something new on this new launch.