Apple no longer signs iOS 13.4.1 after releasing iOS 13.5


Last week Apple released the iOS 13.5 which brings new features such as upgrades to the Face ID and also the Exposure Notification API. After releasing the version now Apple is no longer signing iOS 13.4.1. It means that the iOS users cannot downgrade their devices to the older version i.e., iOS 13.4.1. 


Downgrading to the older versions is a common practice for the jailbreakers. These jailbreaks allow users to customize iOS. Downgrading is also useful for users who do not like the new versions and the restriction on them. It is also beneficial for those who face bugs and issues with the new versions and they want to revert to the older versions until Apple fixes the bugs in the latest releases. 

Currently, there is no need to downgrade as the jailbreak for the latest iOS 13.5 is available and the users can take advantage of it. 

Apple released iOS 13.4.1 in April which fixed the FaceTime bugs and other issues such as Bluetooth connectivity. Apple wants the users to stay on the latest version. Staying on the latest version ensures more security for the users and also offers a much stable experience. now that Apple stops signing the iOS 13.4.1 it means that the users cannot downgrade to that version using iTunes. 

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