Apple now has emoji engraving options for customers who buy an AirPods. Before, AirPods owners could only add text, but as mentioned and as advertised on the company’s website you can now have your charging case engraved from anything between ‘A to emoji’.

Apple Now Offers AirPods Charging Case Emoji Engraving Options

On checkout you can choose from several emoji characters- animals, the thumbs up, tongue out, star, heart and smiley face are just a few available, with more possibly coming. In the animal department, you can add a snake, dragon, bear, unicorn and more. Right now you can choose either emoji or text, but not both.

AirPods charging case emoji

AirPods charging case emoji

All AirPods charging case, whether for the first-gen AirPods or the newest AirPods Pro are eligible for the engraving option. Text has been made larger as well. It’s worthy to note that this customization is free of charge.

Apple has been offering text engraving for its AirPods charging cases since March of 2019, but not for the iPhone, iPad or other Apple products.


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