Apple to launch its online store in India

Apple is ready to make inroads into the Indian market by launching its online store in the month of September. The company has been selling products directly online in other countries like the US, the UK, and many more. However, it has taken a long while for the company to penetrate the Indian market. The company continues to battle taxes and popular Chinese brands.

iPhone SE is destined to be a very popular phone in India as its lowest priced iPhone in the country. Since the price cut last year, the iPhone XR has proved to be a huge hit. By assembling the phone locally in the city of Bengaluru, iPhone XR’s price has reduced. The price of iPhone XR dipped below the retail price of the US variant for a while – unseen and unheard of discounts ever.

Apple fulfillment project

By starting its own online marketplace, Apple will be able to cultivate a new relationship with Indians. However, it’s unclear whether the company will offer services similar to their US counterpart. Apple customers in the US enjoy 14 days return option, easy financing through the store, bundling AppleCare, and a lot more. It would be groundbreaking if the company is able to successfully replicate its US operations in India.

At the moment, we just know that Apple is set to launch its online store in India in the month of September. While we do not know the exact date, some tech blogs seem to mention that Apple’s plan is to have a store ready for the Dussehra and Diwali festive season. It is indeed the time of the year in India when people invest a lot in electronics; e-commerce giants like Amazon and Walmart owned Flipkart have offered heavy discounts during this period in the past.

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