Apple opens the First-Generation college student mentorship program

Apple has opened its Launch@Apple mentorship program and will be launching early 2021.

Documentation says that the program is aimed at 1st-generation college sophomores and freshmen majoring in account, data analytics, business, economics, mathematics and finance.


The program pairs college students with Apple mentors on a 1-per basis and provides learning resources and opportunities for growth, including paid internships, paid externships and job shadowing.

Apple has not announced the Launch@Apple program publicly and the method of dissemination is yet unclear. When the program begins Apple will be taking applications for students who are in their 2nd or 1st year of college. Furthermore, the students must have a desire to learn finance within a fast-paced and innovative environment and major in one of the aforementioned disciplines.

Apple will accept applications until January 8, 2021 and will provide a paper where the student must fill out pertinent details, such as resume, GPA, school and personal questions regarding life challenges and more.