Apple Opens Software Engineer Positions for Developing Windows Media Apps

Apple has announced today that they are looking for software engineers to develop Windows media apps.

When macOS Catalina was released, it didn’t have the iTunes app. Instead, users were greeted with the new TV, Podcasts and Music apps. This wasn’t the case on Windows machines, and Apple is looking to update the platform to catch up with the macOS environment.

Currently, Windows users will need to open a web browser to access Apple Music and Apple TV+, and the iCloud and iTunes apps are in need of a makeover. The listings suggest that Apple is aiming to build Windows apps to reflect the same as with its Mac counterpart.

Furthermore, the listing states that having knowledge in UWP, or Universal Windows Platform is a big plus and helps developers build apps that work on Windows 10 and Xbox One, for example. This adds to the supported devices that Apple TV+ subscribers can use to watch original Apple content.

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