Apple Original Film Set To Cap Off Film Institute Festival

The Hollywood American Film Institute Festival will be concluding with an Apple original movie titled ‘The Banker’, featuring stars Anthony Mackie and Samuel L. Jackson on November 21.

The movie depicts two African-American entrepreneurs and the challenges they had to face during the 50s. Here, the two businessmen (played by Mackie and Jackson) provide housing loans to a community in Texas.

In case you didn’t know, the Apple original film is based on a true story of two men who hired a white man to be the front to their empire while they posed as a driver and a janitor.

The Banker stars Nicholas Hoult, known for his role in Mad Max: Fury Road as Nux and writer Brad Kane. The movie will have a theatrical debut on December 6 before becoming available to Apple TV+ subscribers in January. Its inclusion in the AFI gives it award eligibility for 2019.

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